Ricardo Vazquez


Building innovative tools, supporting communities, teaching, learning, and shaping the environments in which the open web is made possible. Forget about design, I'm interested in how people think. Growing up around a family of musicians and artists, I decided to pursue meaning in art. After taking a slight detour upon realizing I was not cut out to be the next Jackson Pollock, I endeavoured into the digital realm. Being a designer allows me to focus on the microinteractions of an experience, and I extend that to the code that I write each and every day. My studies are founded upon a theoretical background. However, I combine this with fierce design skills and top interactive development. Best of both worlds, wouldn't you say?

I'm interested in culture, design, aesthetic, wit, reality, existence, history, education, thought, and the happiness of pursuit.


User Interface / User Experience Design

2014 - 2015

Webmaker For Android

Webmaker Digital PrototypeWebmaker Paper PrototypeWebmaker Prototype 1Webmaker Prototype 2Webmaker System MapWebmaker Paper WireframesWebmaker App 1Webmaker App 2Webmaker App 3Webmaker DinoWebmaker Android Play StoreWebmaker Android Play Store